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Dove, November 2013

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As I write this we’re counting down 17 hours to donate to Dove’s fundraiser! At midnight tonight, it’s all over. Let’s begin the new year right. Let’s send some love Dove’s way and keep her hope alive for the coming year. Let’s keep Dove’s smile on!

We have to take advantage of our matching donor … we’ve added only $100 since he made his pledge. Surely we can do better. Let’s make him dig deep!

Everyone’s busy this time of year: visiting friends and relatives; going to parties; making special foods; or maybe just taking this time to rest and rejuvenate a little. Many of us make resolutions and contemplate doing better in the new year.

Well, here is a great opportunity to put your resolutions to work and help out a beautiful young woman in need.

If you’ve already given, the main thing you can do is to pass along Dove’s fundraiser address to everyone you know. Even if you’ve done it in the past, do it again. Maybe write a little note about why you think they should consider donating. Do you know Dove personally; do you know someone in a similar situation; do you feel strongly about Dove’s needs? Tell them why you’re passing along Dove’s story and encourage them to donate. This is our last chance, the hours are ticking away.

Let’s begin 2014 with a bang! Let’s push this thing over the top!

“A life lived for others, is the only life worth living.” Albert Einstein

Click on Dove’s photo to Donate


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I have a love/hate relationship with most candy but particularly with M&M’s.  I love them for the tiny bits of chocolaty goodness with the hard candy coating that they are, but I hate them because I cannot resist them no matter how I try.  I’m not promoting one candy manufacturer over another.  I’m an equal-opportunity chocoholic.  For me, though, M&M’s represent that one confection that, once I begin popping them in my mouth, I cannot seem to stop eating until every single little one is gone.  It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill.  My obsession begins slowly then gathers momentum.  I have been known to eat an entire “big” bag of M&M’s in one sitting–staring at the empty bag in my lap wondering: “Did I do that?”  Knowing I will spiral out of control, I avoid so much as looking at M&M’s if possible.

I most enjoy the plain M&M’s over the peanut, peanut butter, and pretzel varieties.  I feel you get more candy for your buck with the plain, which is probably not true.  It’s just my perception.  For some reason I don’t enjoy the peanut M&M’s at all.  I think it has to do with my particular (or peculiar) eating method.  I love to put one tiny morsel into my mouth and let it slowly melt.  But if I do that with the peanut variety, I’m left with a naked, unsalted peanut after all the chocolaty goodness has melted away–Yuk!

I have been guilty of hiding M&M’s in my nightstand to keep them away from Jen and Jeff when they were younger.  After all, too much candy is not good for children as we all know, and I was saving them from terrible acne when they were teens.  Oh, please!  Like none of you have hidden anything from your kids!  We’re talkin’ M&M’s here.

Ken’s favorite story to tell about my addiction to M&M’s happened during one Lenten season when were still trying to set good examples for Jen and Jeff who were about 17 and 12 years old respectively.  That Lent we were going to give up something we enjoyed in addition to which we were going to try to do something spiritual.  I chose to give up candy and to pray the rosary.

I decided the best time to pray the rosary would be when I went to bed.  I could turn out the lights, grab my rosary beads, and meditate in the quiet of the night.  I kept my rosary in my nightstand along with my ever-present bag of M&M’s.  I felt the struggle to resist the temptation of the candy would be a good thing.  I think I resisted about two nights–three nights, tops.  Besides, have you ever tried to say a rosary in bed with the lights out?  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get past the first decade without falling into a sound sleep.  Even if I left the lights on, I would be “out like a light” in no time.

In any case, I didn’t let on to anyone in the family that I had succumbed to the siren call of M&M’s in the night.  For all they knew, there were no M&M’s in the house let alone in my nightstand, and I was devotedly saying the rosary.

One day about three weeks into Lent, Ken and I were on our way to work when Ken mentioned he was so impressed with my ability to pray the rosary and stay awake.  He’d been falling asleep with his rosary for weeks.  He said he’d wake up after snoozing over his beads, and he’d hear my beads “clacking” away.  Oooops!  Those weren’t beads he was hearing but a fistful of M&M’s moving from my hand to my mouth! I said nothing.

Jen and Jeff were having difficulty maintaining their Lenten obligations and were complaining at the dinner table.  While Ken and the kids argued back and forth about the importance of sacrifice and faith, I kept my mouth shut.  Then Ken pointed to me and said, “Your mother works hard all day.  She’s exhausted when she goes to bed and yet she stays awake and prays the rosary, night after night.  That’s faith and sacrifice!”  Jen and Jeff hung their heads.  How could I possibly say, “Well, no, that’s actually M&M’s?”  So I just vaguely nodded.

That night when I went to bed I was feeling pretty guilty.  So guilty, in fact, I reached for my bag of M&M’s to assuage my guilt.  When Ken came to bed, he reached under his pillow for his rosary, sighed, and began to pray.  He assumed I had already begun praying my rosary.  I turned the bedside light on, turned to Ken, held up my bag of M&M’s, and shook the bag.  Clack, clack, clack!  “This is what you hear.  The rosary puts me to sleep.  I’ve been worshipping at the altar of M&M’s.  I’m going to Hell.”

Ken looked at the bag and then at me.  “Seriously?” he asked.  “All this time I’ve been in awe of your faith and you’ve been eating M&M’s?”  I shrugged.  The jig was up.

“Are you mad?” I asked him.

“Give me some candy!” he said as he grabbed the bag from my hand.


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